How To Use Beard Oil And Balm?

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All men with beards have dreamed about having a luscious, thick beard that’s soft to the touch with super manageable hair that doesn’t tangle their fingers. If this is your dream, consider using beard oil and balm together. And if you already know about these products and are wondering how to apply them. You are in luck!


Because this article will help you to live your dream of a super manageable beard, today we will cover everything you need to know about beard oil and balms, including the difference between beard oil and balm, how to use beard oil and balm, and do you use beard balm or oil first.

Let’s learn more about these two to know better how to apply beard oil and balm in your daily beard care routine.

What is the difference between beard balm and oil?

The beard oil and balm serve different purposes to tame unruly hairs, but they can both be part of your grooming routine as they contain natural ingredients. You can use them accordingly and get the most out of each by following the details below.

What is beard oil?

Beard oil nourishes your beard and skin underneath. It is best to combat dry skin beneath the beard, brittle hair, itchiness, dandruff, and patchy beards. Applying beard oil makes your beard appear more full and thick, making your beard hair softer and more manageable.

It is formulated with a blend of the finest carrier oils and essential oils. Carrier oils like almond, jojoba, argon, and castor work to nourish your facial hair, while essential oils like lavender, peppermint, and bergamot give the beard oil a nice scent.

How much beard oil should I use for the best results?

How much beard oil to use depends upon the quality and ingredients of the product and the type of your skin and facial hair. Generally, you only need to apply 3-4 drops of beard oil on your entire beard every alternate day for short beard growth. However, for long beards, you may need 6 to 10 drops or more to fully absorb the oil into your facial hair and skin underneath.

When to use beard oil for beard growth?

How often to use beard oil and balm? Fortunately, there is no specific time to use beard oil. Yet for healthy beard growth, many experts recommend using oil after showering or when you wash your beard hairs. Because cleansing your face with warm water opens your pores, which allows for better oil absorption. As a result, your skin will feel less greasy all the time. It will go for head hair too.

What is beard balm?

Beard balm is a facial hair conditioner with added ingredients like natural shea butter, beeswax, and carrier oil for softening beard hair. Further, a few chemicals are also used in some beard balms for styling aid, taming flyaways, and helping shape your beard hairs.

When to use beard balm?


There is, again, no certain rule on when to apply beard balms. Although, many men prefer to apply beard balm once a day right after the shower while the skin is warm and receptive. At the same time, others would rather apply it whenever they are going out to tame their beard hair. Therefore, the application entirely depends upon the personal preference of the user. Yet you must be mindful of the product if it has added chemicals. It could cause hair damage.

Can you use beard balm on hair?

Have you ever wondered why some companies make both beard balm and hair styling products when the ingredients are the same? It turns out that it’s all about the quantities. For example, few hair styling products are wax-based, and others are typically petroleum-based.

Therefore, look for the formulation for applying beard balm on your head hair and only take a small amount; otherwise, it will make your hair look greasy.

How to use Beard Oil and Balm 【Beard care routine】

Many bearded men experience dandruff, beard-itch, and dry, brittle facial hair. These are normal, and almost every guy with a beard goes through them. Some guys try to “tough it out” and deal with the dead skin and itchy beard that’s unnecessary.

By adding oil and beard balm to your daily beard care routine, you can prevent beard itch and other facial hair issues and have a fuller, thicker beard. If you have never used these two before, here’s a quick rundown on how to use beard oil and balms like a pro.

How to use beard balms?

Using beard balm is pretty simple. It is also mentioned in the beard balm daily instructions. Following these simple steps will do the job.

  1. Start with clean beard hair, like after showering or washing your face.
  2. Scoop a desired amount (pea-size for smaller beards and double the amount for thicker and long beards) of balm with your finger.
  3. Now rub it into your palms thoroughly.
  4. Start working through your beard with fingers from neck to upward on damp facial hair and get it through all the hair with balm.
  5. Now get a comb and comb the balm +through your beard. Do it a few more times, and that’s it.

If you have a scruffy beard and want to know how to use beard balm on a short beard, follow the steps mentioned above by scooping a thumb nail size balm.

How much beard balm to use for the best results? 

The amount of the balm mainly depends upon the thickness and length of your facial hair. However, according to many experts, it’s generally best to start with a small amount and work it through your beard, only using more if necessary.

How to apply beard oils

When you wash your beard using shampoo and soap, these products strip away the dirt from your bear hair and lose lots of your natural hair oil in the process. Therefore, using beard oils to bring those oils back to your beard and skin beneath is helpful. Follow these simple steps to apply beard oil proficiently.

  1. Apply the beard oil after a shower.
  2. Take a few drops (two to three) of beard oil in your palm.
  3. Rub the oil in your hands to spread the oil evenly on all your palm and fingers.
  4. Work it through all over your facial hair and into the roots.
  5. Ensure your face and mustache are well-oiled by rubbing the hand down the front of your face. Repeat the process a few times to make sure you’ve covered everything.
  6. Take a comb and run it down to your beard to evenly spread the oil for a thicker texture. Comb the hair both with and against the hair growth.


Can you use beard oil and balm together?

Many novice bearded fellows are surely concerned about using beard care products and the right order to use beard these products. Specifically, you might wonder whether you should use beard oil or balm first. Here’s a quick help to sort out some of your hairy dilemmas:

  • Can you apply beard balm before or after oil?
  • Do you use beard oil and balm together? or
  • Should I use beard balm everyday?

First, let me tell you that using both beard oil and balm is absolutely fine.

What is the right order to use beard products?

  • It is recommended to wash your beard with an all-natural, hot-processed beard shampoo.
  • Once you have rinsed the soap out of your beard, apply the beard oil while the beard is still damp.
  • After a few minutes, apply beard balm.
  • Now massage oil and beard balm on beard hair from neck to upward and from mustache to the cheek.
  • Take a comb and run it through your beard. Evenly spread beard oil and balm into your entire facial hair.

For best results, towel dry your beard until it is almost dry, then apply the oil.

Bottom Line

This article will help you how to apply beard oil and balm. If you plan to use oil and balm together, it is better to apply the oil first. Let it sit for a few minutes to absorb the essential jojoba oils into the beard for a protective barrier before applying the balm to keep the beard healthy. Both products will work effectively and give you a softer, thicker, and more desirable beard.

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