How to Use a Safety Razor Like a Pro (4 Useful Tips)

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Are you using a safety razor for the first time? Do you need to know how to use a safety razor? Before you freak out and end with a razor burn. Let us tell you that many people are moving toward disposable cartridge razors to ditch the salon hustle and maintain a quick shaving routine.

Thousands of questions come to mind, like, Are safety razors safe for women? If yes, how can I use a safety razor for pubic hair?

We are glad you landed here. We will tell you how to properly use a safety razor on sensitive skin and what tricks you should consider to avoid razor bumps while having a closer shave.

We will cover all of your skin concerns related to disposable razors, and this will be a beginner guide to razors.

What are Safety Razors?

Before using a safety razor for your hair growth, you must understand the proper use of safety razor blades. The safety Razor blade is a protective device to shave body hairs safely. It is positioned between the skin and blade to reduce the possibility of bodily injuries.

And this device is very reliable to use by a person rather than going to a barbershop or salon. Most razors are pocket friendly and suitable for your tight skin. Once you start using them, you will know their extensive uses.


Different types of Safety Razors-Razor head

By reducing ingrown hairs, inflammation, and less irritation from shaving, razors may help you keep your face clean and healthy. Still, before that, you need to learn how to shave with a safety razor on your face, armpits and legs.

But first, let’s talk about different types of razors with their use.


This Safety razor features a blade on one side of the razor head and a handle on the other. Suppose you are ideal for beginners since they are simple to operate and require little upkeep. In addition, this type of razor gives a smooth shave effect. Unlike traditional cartridge razors, double edge razors provide a closer shave in one attempt.

Open comb safety razors: 

These razors include a comb or single blade at the top that guides your hair during shaving. A single blade or open comb is ideal for people with sensitive skin who seek a quick, painless solution to remove unwanted hair.

Safety Guard razors:

These razors include a guard that protects the blade from cuts during shaving. They’re lovely for beginners since they’re simple to use. And would prevent you from any razor burn.

But if you’re experienced, you could find them too sluggish and unwieldy compared to other razors. Also, it reduces any razor bumps or irritation on the skin. These razors are very gentle.

Replaceable blade razor:

They feature replaceable safety razor blades and replacement razor heads, so you may swap them out as required instead of buying new ones whenever they become dull or broken. These razors usually are more expensive than others, but they may last longer if properly cared for.

Electric safety razor:

Another safety razor is an electric razor powered by electricity rather than batteries. Electric razors come in various forms and sizes depending on their power. However, they all perform in the same manner as their disposal counterparts when shaving off unwanted hair.

Step-by-Step Guide: How do I prepare my skin for a safety razor?

Prepare Your Skin

The key to a successful shave with a safety razor you need to prepare your skin. First, wash your shaving area, arms, and legs.

Try to wash it with warm water to moisten your skin better. It is recommended to shave right after the shower. You can decide your method as per your skin requirements. 

With the hot water, your skin pores are open so that you will get a close shave with a smooth finish.

Apply shaving soap or shaving cream.

Now that your skin is well-prepped and moist, take out enough pre-shaving soup, pre-shave oil, or gel. And apply to the shaving area. You can use the shaving product with your finger or the shaving brush

Now leave your skin for 5-7 mins. The selection of the product you use really matters and affects the shaving results. The type of shaving cream differs from dry to sensitive skin. 

So try to use the shaving gel that minimizes the fractions between your skin and the blade exposure and provides you with a quality shave.

We do have a list of recommended pre-shaving products or shaving accessories you can consider:

  • Lather & Wood Shaving Co
  • Proraso Pre-Shave Conditioning Cream for Men
  • The Art of Shaving Pre-Shaving
  • Gillette Sensitive Pre-Shave Gel Tube
  • Unscented Pre-Shave Gel

Invest in your Safety Razor

Hygiene is the most crucial part when it comes to shaving. One of the biggest reasons people nowadays avoid going to salons is hygiene. Barbers or specialists sometimes do their job by shaving facial hair with already-used blades and shaving brushes. 

It’s not recommended by physicians. Pick a good razor according to your hair and skin requirements. Whatever razor blades you use should be used only 5-7 times and not more than that.

Over time, the sharpness of the razor also decreases. And after that, your razor blade won’t shave closely. I have listed below my most loved and best safety razor blades with one razor head:

Pick a Brush

Now that your shaving soaps are all settled after 5-7 mins of application. You are done with your initial shaving ritual. Take a brush, preferably a synthetic brush, because it makes the leather easier. And the water retention is very high. Now move the brush in a circular motion to ensure lubrication.

Pull the skin taut.

Before starting to shave, hold your skin tight and maintain that position. You need your skin to be tight for a great shave on coarse hair. Moreover, try not to lose your grip.


Apply very little Pressure.

It is one of the most crucial steps in shaving. Perfect shave magic lies in how you hold the safety razor blades. Unfortunately, this is the most common mistake committed by those new to shaving, applying way more Pressure than needed.

Very little Pressure means your skin does not hurt while you drag the razor on the skin’s surface. Now slightly hold the razor and allow it to glide on the skin but do not press it. Try to maintain an angle of thirty for a more efficient shave. Perfect Pressure will give you an excellent razor glide.

Keeping the Pressure and angle on a problematic area like the nose, chin, etc., would be challenging, but you have to try. Moreover, the thinner hair would be removed by little longer straight strokes.

Post shave care

Now that you are done shaving. Use a clean towel to remove the excess cream. Again, it is recommended to use alcohol-free creams as post-shave products that have a soothing effect and help to close the pores.

Use products that help close them. For example, you can use a post-shave balm like Cremo Cooling Formula Post due to its calming factors. Moreover, you can explore your options as per your skin needs.

In which areas do you use Safety Razors?

Razors remove unwanted hairs from different body parts, including the face. But first, we discuss some razor basics and how razors are used in other areas of your body.

On face

  • The first step is ensuring your skin is clean of oils, lotions, or creams. It will allow you to get a close and comfortable shave without irritation.
  • Then, wet your face using hot water.
  • After this, apply shaving creams or a gel or a shaving soap bar.
  • While women must apply foaming cleanser because they don’t have thick hair growth on their faces, lather up your face using your safety razor. Use one stroke to avoid leaving scars on your skin when applying leather.
  • When shaving lather is produced, apply slight pressure on the blade at a 30 degree angle and begin shaving gently downward of your face.

On armpit

  • First, you must figure out the right angle to shave with a safety razor. Hold it perpendicular to your body and ensure the blade points away from your armpit.
  • Next, position the razor parallel to your face (not perpendicular). It will prevent it from cutting too near to or too deeply into your underarm hair follicles.
  • Start running the razor over your underarms until all the hair has gone!

Pubic hair

  • Step 1 Softly weigh down on the razor blade and drag it across your skin with your palm. It will help in the removal of any unwanted pubic hair. Try to use tinkle razors as they are more delicate for pubic areas.
  • Step 2 If you use disposable cartridge razors, wash them under cold water after using them and let them dry thoroughly before reusing them.
  • Step 3 After shaving all of the hair off your pubic region using a safety razor, add shaving gel to your skin to prevent it from being too dry or irritated by shaving equipment.

How to use a safety razor legs and Arms?

Razors are ideal for removing hair from your arms and legs, but most safety razors are difficult to use.

  • Step 1 Soak your skin in warm water with shaving soap. It can assist in reducing razor irritation and also make it simpler for you to observe what you’re doing.
  • Step 2 Apply shaving foam or gel to your legs or arms in an equal layer, then start shaving in the direction of the hair (do not shave against it).
  • Step 3 Before using moisturizer or aftershave balm to close the pores, rinse off any residual residue with water; the alcohol component in these products will dry out the skin if left and will cause itching or irritation.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Is cartridge razor shave better?( Safety razor vs cartridge razor)

  • Safety razors are an excellent substitute for regular razors. They offer several advantages and may be used by both men and women.
  • First, they are safer than traditional razors since they do not cut as deeply into your skin. You may also use them on delicate skin, which means you can use them on regions like your face or neck that standard razors would upset.
  • Because they do not require cartridges like many other brands, razors are also less expensive than traditional models. As a result, they are more economical for everyone!

Cons: Are safety razors dangerous?

  • Razors are known to remove hair without causing skin injury. However, this can be challenging because it involves using razor-sharp blades on your skin. When misused, razors can result in significant harm.
  • Safety razors may cause skin irritation if not cleaned or stored correctly. In addition, razors may cause severe diseases like inflammation if they do not clean properly.
  • It can cause razor bumps when hit with dead skin cells.

Conclusion: How to use a safety razor for ladies

In short, you can consider multi blade razors for many reasons. Firstly, the price is highly affordable. Secondly, you can get comfort since many people have ingrown hair problems.

If this is your first time with razors, start shaving with a double edge razor with some shaving cream. It is manageable for ultimate beginners and much safer. But use it at a 45-degree angle for straight razor strokes. After that, you can move to a disposable cartridge razor when you know how to put blade in safety razor.

But if you are used to them, you might prefer something other than the glide of the double edge razor.


Truthfully, you only need one blade to get a smooth shave; a single-blade razor will do the job. Moreover, we got a few recommendations like BAILI Classic 3-Piece Metal Double Edge Eco Safety Razor and King C. Gillette Safety Razor.

People Also Ask

Do you wet a safety razor?

Yes, You can use a wet safety razor blade, but if your skin is dry, it can lead to cuts and razor burns. The steel of the razor is cold, so wet the razor blade for wet shaving, which leads to a smooth shave.

Do safety razors cause ingrown hairs?

Yes, Safety razors do cause ingrown hairs. The safety razor will cut hair from the skin’s surface, not the roots. But an excellent, sharp blade can give you a close shave for longer. But it will cause ingrown hair that can lead to irritation.

Do you reuse safety razor blades?

Yes, you can reuse safety razor blades. Razors are created to last longer, but using them after six to seven shaves is not recommended. Moreover, with time the sharpness of the razor decreases, yet it won’t be able to remove thick hair.

What angle do you hold a double edge razor?

You need to hold the double edge safety razors at 45 degrees. A double edge razor is required to maintain a proper angle. Use the razor with slight Pressure and the right angle for a smooth shave. Keeping a 45 angel at difficult areas like the chin and nose is challenging, but you must try.

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