May 19, 2023

Can I Shower After A Brazilian Wax- 7 Things to Consider

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Can I shower after a Brazilian wax? Well, who wouldn’t want to retain that feeling of smooth, hairless, waxed skin for a long? Waxing is the best technique, then shaving, to get hairless skin for a long time. Whether you use soft or hard wax, waxing sensitive areas such as the bikini line – a Brazilian waxing service- requires extra caution.


Since a bit of force during the waxing process is applied to pull the hair follicles from the root, the skin becomes irritated, and pores are left open. This is why waxing doesn’t end with your waxing session. You need to consider many things after and before waxing, including the pertinent one: can I shower after waxing? Or should I shower before or after waxing? Let’s explore.

Pro Tip: Exfoliate before the waxing appointment to get rid of ingrown hairs.

Showering before or after wax – Understanding the importance!

Waxing is a time-consuming process that includes applying sticky wax to the skin to pull hair. As each hair is pulled off the skin, it causes irritation, bumps, and slight bleeding in some cases. So, is it okay to take a bath after waxing the underarm?

Whether you have hired an expert from a salon or done the job yourself doesn’t matter. The skin, after a wax, gets irritated anyway. So, you need to understand what not to do after a Brazilian wax.

You can also Take numbing gel to avoid painful hair removal can alter the waxing results. Instead, take a mild painkiller 30 minutes before the appointment.

Wax before or after shower: Can I shower after a Brazilian wax?

The best technique is to take a shower well before waxing. Which helps in

  • Removing dirt and germs from the skin
  • Removing ingrown hairs with gentle exfoliation
  • hydrating the dry skin to avoid irritation

Make sure to shower with lukewarm water or cold water before the wax to keep the skin fresh and hydrated. So, have you found the answer to showering before or after wax? Read further to know more about what to do after a Brazilian wax.

Pro Tip: Avoid going to the sauna, steam rooms, or tanning studio before waxing.

Why do people think of showering before or after wax?

Taking a shower tops the list, among other things, of what not to do after waxing. Now, people think of taking a shower immediately after waxing because sometimes they feel wax residue on the skin. They want to get rid of the sticky wax, treat bumpy skin, or remove the soothing lotion applied during the wax. Little do they know that taking a bath after a Brazilian wax, especially hot showers, is a big no-no.

Can I take a cold shower after waxing? Yes, what happens is that wax opens the skin pores after extracting the hair. When you take a hot shower, water enters your waxed area, irritating, especially in more delicate areas.

Wait for the right time to shower!

Most people question how long after a Brazilian can you shower. We know no one wants to go out with red, bumpy skin. According to the expert wax technician, Waiting 12 hours after your first Brazilian wax session is best.

Give your skin ample time to heal and normalize rather than getting a body wash. Instead of taking a shower, tackle irritation with a cold compress. Once you feel normal in body temperature after 12 hours, head toward a shower.

Tips for the first shower after a wax

  • Use lukewarm or cool water to shower to freshen up the skin.
  • Avoid using abrasive scrubs or loofahs to cleanse the body
  • Instead of rigorously drying your body with towels, let it dry down naturally or dab a soft towel gently.

Waxing Aftercare – Know what to do after Brazilian wax

You have got the smooth hairless skin you have wanted for so long, so you must be extra mindful of ensuring your skin remains healthy after wax. Does it also deserve an answer to what not to do after a Brazilian wax? Let’s dig in.

Apply Soothing Lotions

It is natural to get skin irritations after waxing. That’s why applying a soothing lotion on freshly waxed skin is essential. You can also use baby oil to remove leftover wax and normalize sensitive skin.


Icing on freshly waxed skin

Icing goes a long way to closing the opened pores during wax and easing the pain. Once you are done waxing, apply ice packs or cold compress to soothe the skin, ease discomfort, and eliminate redness.

No touching on ingrown hairs

Having baby-like skin may make you touch and feel your skin repeatedly. However, no matter how nice it feels, avoid touching your skin for at least six hours.

Wear loose clothes

Instead of wearing your favourite fancy and tight clothes to show off your smooth skin immediately after waxing, put on loose clothes. Wearing fit garments, such as yoga pants or bathing suits, causes unnecessary friction between the clothes and sensitive skin, resulting in irritation and bumps.

Pro Tip: Treat ingrown hairs before they become a significant problem!

Avoid pool and Hot Shower.

You must avoid going under/to water immediately after a bikini wax. Wait 12 hours before going for excess heat and a hot water bath and 24 hours for a pool dive.

No exercise

Avoid exercise or doing heavy work soon after a hair removal session. Exercising causes the production of sweat in the hair follicles and pores, irritating the delicate areas, especially after a bikini wax and infection. Wait for a day or two to resume your workout routine.

Avoid Intimacy

It is natural for the skin, especially in more delicate areas (bikini wax), to become sensitive after a wax. Intimacy may cause friction and sweat, leading to irritation or, worse, an infection. As they say, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Pro Tip: Make a DIY scrub using natural ingredients to exfoliate the skin.

Bottomline: Can I shower after waxing

Getting soft, hairless skin requires patience and sacrifice. It requires you to bear the pain, control the urge to take a shower, and so on. But the results you see after 24 hours on the skin are worth the wait.

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