June 30, 2023

How Much Does A Spray Tan Cost?

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A spray tan is the best alternative to the sun’s damaging rays. Though tanning is free, it costs your skin due to harmful uv rays. Other than tanning your skin, it could cause skin diseases or skin cancer. The best alternative to natural sun tanning is spray tanning.


However, whenever someone gears up for a tanning session, one of the first things that come to mind is, how much does a spray tan cost? Well, it depends on many things related to spray tanning and requires a detailed answer. Read on to know skin tanning and its cost.

What is skin tanning?

Skin tanning is a natural process in which the skin gets a dark colour if exposed to the sun for longer. Exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays leads the skin to produce a pigment known as melanin.

The fans of a sun-kissed glow and bronzed look love to find ways to get a darker shade. However, scientists have repeatedly warned about the consequences of direct and prolonged sun exposure, i.e., premature aging, irritated skin, painful sunburn, and worse skin cancer.

The warnings by scientists have led beauticians to restore to sunless tanning procedures to get a tan shade without exposing the skin to harm. Several other tanning options are available to get a perfect tan at a local salon or home. However, the cost of tanning salons and spray tanning products is the biggest concern.

To know how much spray tans are to plan a tanning session, read the following.

How Much Does A Spray Tan Cost?

The cost of a spray tan session varies from salon to salon, but on average, you could get an entire body spray tan session for around $40.

How much does it cost to get a spray tan? Well, the price of the spray tan session depends on the quality of the salon, the technique of the tan application, the salon’s location, and if the salon is offering any package.

There are many types of tanning, such as airbrushes, spray tan machines, self-tanning sprays, mobile tanning services, etc. Moreover, some salons charge the cost on a session basis, while others offer discount packages for frequent members. If you want to know how much a full body spray tan costs, there are many factors to consider.

Spray Tanning Cost According to Type

The best way to get a tanned look without damaging the skin is by relying on sunless tanning services. Unlike sun tanning, sunless techniques involve using chemicals and colour to add a temporary shade to the skin. So, how much does it cost for a spray tan without going under the sun? It would cost you more than $40.

Below are popular sunless tanning techniques and their cost estimates before making a spray tan appointment.

Spray Tanning Machine

A spray tan machine is one of the most used types of tanning. A spray tanning machine session will likely cost around $25-$30. The salons that have advanced machines that offer more coverage may cost you even more than that.

For instance, a good spray tanning machine extracts the tan out of the air after coverage so it doesn’t fall on your body, ruining the even look.

Some inexpensive salons are also based in locations with fewer clients using outdated spray tan machines. However, the less you spend on the tanning salon and its machine, the more disappointment you get.

Air Brush Tanning

Air Brush is highly regarded as the most popular and effective tanning technique for doing an even job. It costs around $30-$80 more than average machine spray tanning. It requires excellent technique and precision as some people want specific areas, such as legs, abs, and breasts, for a toned look. This is why having great control over the airbrush is essential.

Compared to machines, airbrushing is more precise and allows you more freedom to hit the target areas. Whether you want a glow on your face and a little touch-up around your shoulders, airbrush tanning is the best option.

Mobile Tanning

Mobile tanning is a personalized approach to tanning. It allows you to call the expert with their tanning kit to your comfort place and get a private tanning session. How much is a spray tan if you are using a mobile tanning service? Since it is a service for home-bound clients, it is pricier, costing around $60-$80.

Some exclusive services can charge up to $150 per session. The elevated costs are mainly due to a precise approach and privacy of your home or the preferred location.  

Tanning Bed

Bed tanning is a traditional technique that is losing popularity due to its harmful effects on the skin. It exposes the recipient to harmful uv rays that cause skin tan and inflict severe damage. A typical bed tanning session could cost around $15-20.

Tanning beds are not an excellent option for the skin as they could expose it to damaging UV rays. So, make sure to choose other options over tanning beds.


Self-tanning is adding tint to your skin without going to the salon. Several readily available tanning creams, lotions, and mousses contain DHA in their ingredients. The DHA reacts with your skin to create a pigmented look. Getting a good self-tanner could cost around $10, leading up to $90 or higher.

The self tans are temporary and don’t last more than a day or two, but what makes them popular as they are quite easy to apply without anyone’s help. If you don’t like the shade on your skin, you don’t have to wait weeks for the color to wear off. It will go away the next day on its own.

Self-tanning is the most convenient solution if you’re worried about the expenses of tanning or visiting a salon.


Spray Tanning Cost According to Expertise

Another factor that comes into play while deciding the average spray tan cost is the service provider’s expertise. A service provider with an impressive portfolio, experience, and technique may cost more than usual. A service provider with a relatively less fancy setup and advanced tools could cost less spray tan cost.

If you want a spray tan at a fair price, look for a service provider with experience rather than a salon location or setup. Some providers need more resources to spend on the look of the salon but possess great technique and skill to deliver a beautiful bronze glow.

Spray tan single session cost according to Location

How much does a spray tan cost in the US? There is no uniformity when it comes to spray tan costs. The location of the tanning salon or self tanning products plays a major role in deciding the price. As per our interaction with clients and dealing in the market, we have come up with estimated costs of spray tanning.

Top Most Expensive Spray Tanning Costs

Colorado, Denver$89
Housten, Texas$85
Boston, Massachusetts$68

Spray Tanning Average Costs

Los Angeles, California$56.8
San Francisco, CA $45
Salt Lake City, Ut$35

Spray Tanning Cheap Costs

Wichita, Kansa$32
Providence, Rhode Island$29
Charleston, West Virginia$26

Note: Expect a change in this spray tanning pricing cost over time.

Cost-effective Tips when Getting a Spray Tan

Research: Don’t be embarrassed to get a spray tan. Before booking an appointment for a tan session, do your homework. Compare costs considering location, services, spray tan type, and service provider experience to save costs.

Hydrated Skin Cells: If you want to retain the effects of spray tanning, keep your skin moisturized. A well-hydrated skin ensures a perfect summer glow.

Airbrush tan: To ensure you get an even and focused coverage, prefer airbrush tan over others. It is the best and safe tanning procedure to target muscle tone areas. Are spray tans safe? Yes, especially if you are opting for an airbrush tan.

Make a smart choice: If you are not big on spray tanning and need it occasionally, self-tanning is the best choice. Just do a few spritzes of tan spray (or cream, whatever self-tanners you are using), wear makeup that accentuates your bronze skin, and you’re good to go. Self-tanners products also last longer if you are an occasional user and thus are a cost-effective solution compared to regular tanning.

Save the effects: If you want to control the tanning cost, you must work on saving the effects of your last session so you don’t have to go to another one frequently. Ensure the post-tanning care that includes

  • Wear loose and dark clothing
  • Avoid hot showers
  • Avoid being over tanned
  • Wear sunscreen.

Follow these tips to save on costs and protect your body from Spray tan dangers.


Tanning is fun; play with your skin tone and enjoy bronzed skin. Many techniques are available; you can pick one according to your budget. However, regarding skincare, we highly encourage our readers to consider skin safety more than spray tan prices. Whether you prefer a machine for spray tanning, airbrush tanning, self-tanning solution, or mobile tan, follow healthy spray tan tips as advised by your salon or healthcare provider.

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