April 10, 2023

How Long Does A Spray Tan Last? 5 Best Tips

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Well, who doesn’t love a bronzed glow on warm summer days? Whether you have an event to attend or love sun-kissed skin, a spray tan is your best friend. Instead of a tanning session at a tanning bed, spray tans are quick and safe.

They also protect your skin from harmful UV rays that your body gets at a tanning bed session. So, the important question that many consumers ask is: How long does a spray tan last? It depends on skin health, skin type, complexion, and post-spray tan care.


Spray Tan: Know everything about it!

Before reading more about spray tanning and self tanners, it is important to know what spray tan is. A spray tan is a technique used by experts to colour the body with a darker tone. Many people in the industry see a tanned body as the most charming one. This is why people opt for tanning sessions to change their colours to darker tones.

How long does a spray tan last?

A question that many consumers are intrigued with is how long does a fake tan last. Well. It mainly depends on your skin complexion, type and how to maintain a spray tan. Generally, a spray tan lasts somewhere between 5 to 10 days.

Lighter Shade: 5-7 days

Medium Shade: 7-8 days

Dark Shade: 8-10 days

So, are you ready to try some self-tanning? I recommend investing in good-quality tan sprays.

How do spray tans work?

Spray tans and other sunless tanning products use a tanning chemical called dihydroxyacetone, or DHA. When applied, this chemical interacts with the top layer of skin, changing the skin’s colour to darker.

Spray tanning is immensely popular as it is secure and takes less application time. As the skin is constantly shedding dead skin cells, the spray tans target the already dead cells on the outer skin layer for a darker effect. You get back to your natural skin in a few days.

How to keep a spray tan last longer? Awesome Spray tan tips to follow!

Shower in lukewarm water

According to the tanning expert, avoid showering soon after a new tan. However, If you shower in the following days, make sure to take the first shower in lukewarm water. The same goes for extensive exercises to avoid sweating. The tan fades faster if washed rigorously. Therefore, wear loose-fitting clothes to avoid excessive sweating.

Moisturise daily

A daily moisturizer comes a long way in keeping your tan for longer. Dry skin causes the skin to shed its glow and appear dull despite a tan. Using moisturizers is your best answer to how long spray tanning lasts.

Use hyaluronic acid, shea butter, and oil-based skincare products such as creams, bar soaps, and moisturizers for hydrated skin. So, drink plenty of water to enjoy a golden glow.


Exfoliate your skin for an even tan tone. It may seem counter-intuitive, but gently exfoliating the tanned skin helps reduce the patchiness and make the tan fade evenly on the skin. Therefore, exfoliation is the best tool to encourage cell turnover and get a lasting skin glow.

Top it up!

What do you do if another event pops up soon after the peak of your tanning glow? How long does a spray tan last on holiday? Or How long do fake tans last to cover your upcoming event as well? The tip is to be smart. If going for another session is out of the question, top your fading tan with glow body lotion. You can also use a makeup highlighter to pop out the glow in your fake tan. Therefore, use oil-based moisturizers or glow serums to bring a glow to your tan.

Avoid Chlorinated water

The chlorinated or salty water can strip your tan away. Resist the urge to take a dive in the pool or go for a swim, no matter how the day gets. Avoid wearing tight clothes to stay fresh throughout the day.

What to do after spray tan?

Soon after the treatment, avoiding taking a shower, shaving, or exercising is best to allow the tan to develop on your skin. Moreover, avoid showers with warm water as it makes the tan fade quickly. If you are on a long-haul flight or hanging out with friends, try not to drink alcohol as it can cause dehydration, which ultimately encourages the color to fade away quickly.

Therefore, wear tight-fitting clothing to avoid rubbing off the tan. If you sweat, use baby powder and pat dry skin to keep the sweat away.

How long does an airbrush tan last?

Airbrush tanning is also a good method to achieve precision and even skin. Usually, airbrush tan also lasts around 5-7 days. Following a good skincare routine could help your tan last longer than seven days, increasing its effects to last up to 10 days. Use moisturizers, avoid wax, and shave to prolong the effects of the tan spray.

How often should you spray tan?

How often do you spray tan your skin? Well, getting a spray tan done 2 to 3 times in a month is considered safe. It also means going for a tan after 9-12 days. It also depends on how long does spray tan last from the previous spray tanning session.

Pro Tip: Do the shaving and wax session, and exfoliate deep for at least a day before getting a tan, especially if you have sensitive skin.

How long to leave spray tan on?

You can leave the spray tan solution for 8 to 12 hours before you shower. The answer to the question of how long does a spray tan take to tan depends on the quality of express solutions used in the spray, after-tan skincare, tanning technique, etc. 

Want to know how long does a spray tan cost? Read this.

Self Tanning at home!

If you cannot book a self-tanning appointment, try self-tan at home. Here is how you could use a tanning spray at home;

  • Invest in a good quality self-tanner spray
  • Look for the credibility of the company to invest in an actual spray tan
  • Check for a spray tan formula that works well with your skin type
  • Exfoliate, Shave, or wax your skin before self-tanner session
  • Moisturize with baby lotion or oil before applying spray tan to keep skin hydrated.
  • Start from the bottom, i.e. your feet and work upward.
  • Use the excess tanning solution on the mitt to spread and blend evenly onto the skin.
  • Apply moisturizer over the entire body and fix mistakes with gentle cleansing wipes.
  • Wear loose and dark clothing to your spray tanning session.

Common Spray Tan Mistakes to Avoid

Taking Hot Showers

Does a spray tan fade every time you shower? Taking hot showers after a tan session lightens your skin’s tan. If you are thinking about how to make your spray tan last, don’t use hot showers; if you do the session with open pores, the spray will likely settle unevenly. An even spray tan lasts longer with great skincare and fits the response to how to keep a spray tan longer. Use moisturizer before and after the tanning session. 

Need to follow Sun protection routine.

Many consider tanning an effective shield against sun damage, thinking the spray tan works as a tan base. Does a spray tan protect you from the sun? In reality, the spray tan doesn’t protect your body from sunburns. Spray tan only provides more protection than your makeup does if it contains SPF. Follow your sun protection routine after a tanning session. 

Going for a swim!

How long does a spray tan last in a swimming pool? Resisting the urge to dive into the pool is exceptionally tough for those who are avid swimmers. Are you on holiday and need clarification about how long a spray tan lasts? The colour will fade in 5-7 days if you don’t resist the urge to dive into the pool on holiday.

People Also Ask

How long does it take to get a spray tan?

After a spray tan appointment with an expert tanner, expect your tanning session to last 15-20 minutes.

How long does a spray tan last from a salon?

Spray tan lasts on your skin for 5-10 days, depending on your skin. A skin hydrated with oil-free moisturizers tends to keep the tan on the body longer. Tan on dry skin tends to fade more quickly.

Does spray tan wash off?

If you have used instant tanner like a bronzer lotion, the tan will wash off in a shower. However, if you have used a DHA-based tan, it will take at least 5-7 to wash off.

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