How Long Do Electric Razors Last?

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Technology has taken the world by storm in the last decades. From our phones to our watches, everything is smart now. And if you are a man with a mane, you probably switched your cheaper disposable razors with electric razors or shavers years ago. 

An electric shaver is an excellent alternative that gives you a smooth, hassle-free shave without soap, shaving cream, or water.

But do electric shavers get dull? Yes, everything has a lifespan. And your electric razor blades get dull over time and need replacement. However, how long do electric razors last and how often to replace electric razor blades depends on a variety of factors. 


Let’s steer our boat toward the first question which usually comes to mind when purchasing electric shavers. How long do electric shavers last, and when does electric shaver blade replacement become crucial? So let’s begin! 

How long do electric razors last?

An average electric razor could last around 3 to 7 years. The last of electric razor or clipper blades depends on the quality or the brand. Other factors like the thickness of the body and facial hair amount, usage, and caring also impact the shaver’s life.

Always go for the quality.

You have surely heard about “The cheaper buyer gets bad meat.” When buying an electric shaver, always choose a brand from a reputable company. They have a strong motor and will give you a smooth close shave. It may carry a heftier price tag up-front, but in the long run, the cost savings can be considerable. Investing in high-quality products ensures maximum use over time, reducing additional expenses associated with repairs or replacements.

How often do replace electric razor blades and foils

Electric razors vary in how often you should change their blades and foils. However, according to different brands, the average life of a shaver’s blade is a year or two, after which you have to change the blades or replace foils. Proper care and usage may extend the average life of your shavers’ blades and foils.

Do electric razors get dull?

Regular electric shaver’s foils and blades will become dull within 18 months. Moisture and friction will decrease the sharpness of the blades. You’ll notice that it will reduce comfort and closeness during shaving. And you have to put more effort into achieving the desired results.

People with coarser, thicker hair may need to replace the foils and blades in their razor more often than recommended to reduce the ingrown hair problems if they shave daily. Therefore, it is crucial to check for signs of wear to ensure safe and efficient dryness throughout.

How to increase the lasting of shaver’s blades and foils

If you want to save money on your shaver blades and foil replacement, then it’s essential to clean your razor after each use. It will keep the product functioning at its peak.

How long do electric razor blades last? 18 months, but you can extend the life of your shaver by using a light oil or lubricating spray after every wet shave. Always clean the blades and foils after each use. This will help to remove any other dead skin cells, hair, or dust particles that might have accumulated inside. You can use warm water, liquid soap, or alcohol to clean the build-up inside the blades and foils.

Somehow your razor blades eventually go dull, and you must replace them. Let’s see what option you can get while replacing electric shaver blades.


Electric Shaver Blades Replacement.

Squeezing more shaves out of a shaver with dull blades is not safe. It often leads to skin irritation and ingrown hairs. While it might seem like a good idea at the time, it could be more efficient, resulting in longer shaving times and requiring more power.

Replacing your shaver foils and blades is an integral part of regular maintenance. Due to this, we curate a list of popular brand replacement heads.

Replacement blades for Philips electric razor

The Philips electric shaver(best electric shaver) is created with ultra-thin heads, giving you a close, comfortable shave. It features slots that can accommodate even long hairs and holes to capture stubble.

The dual-blade system first lifts the hairs before cutting them for maximum precision. When looking for replacement heads for a Philips electric shaver, you have several options. We pick some of its best shaving heads to make your shaving experience a breeze.

Item no.NameFeature
1.Philips sh50/50 replacement blades for series 5000 electric shaversServe both wet shaving and dry shaving.
Compatible with all Philips Series 5000 (S5xxx), AquaTouch (S5xxx), PowerTouch (PT8xx, PT7xx) and AquaTouch (AT8xx, AT7xx)
Give a smooth & close shave.
Best for both a long beard and short stubble.
2.Philips Norelco sensotouch 3d replacement headCompatible with shaving Series 8000, Arcitec SensoTouch 3D RQ12+ PRO RQ10 Heads
Serves both wet and dry shaving.
latest technology 3Dimenion flexing heads.
Glide around the tough areas smoothly.
3.Blades for Norelco electric razor series 5000 (Made for Philips Shavers)Compatible with Series 5000 AquaTouch (AT8xx, AT7xx)(S5xxx), Shaver’s series 5000 (S5xxx), PowerTouch (PT8xx, PT7xx)
Hassle-free cleaning
Easy to install
Smooth close shave

Replacement for Remington electric shaver blades

It would be best to consider Remington’s electric shavers for a smooth, irritation-free shave. Choose from a high-end rotary or foil shaver to easily remove facial hair without worrying about nicks or cuts that straight razors can cause.

With the large selection of Remington electric razors available, picking one that complements your shaving habits can be difficult. The following information might be helpful for you in this regard.

Item no.NameFeature
1.Remington SPR-XR14 Head and CutterCompatible with XR1410, XR1430, XR1450, & XR1470 eclectic shavers.
Advanced Rotary Shavers
Dynamic contouring gives a smooth and close shave
Best for long hair and stubble.
2.Remington SPR-PR Replacement Head and Cutter AssemblyCompatible with PR1230, PR1235, PR1240, PR1250, PR1260, PR1270 and PR1285 electric shaver.
Dual track cutter
Quick installation
Flexible heads make swift gliding.

Replacement for Panasonic electric shaver blades

Panasonic has the best electric razor for men. Their men’s grooming products have been met with acclaim, and they are widely recognized as the top choice for men’s personal care needs.

They recently launched the world’s first 6-blade shaver features with two finish blades, two lift blades, and two blades for stubbles with advanced Japanese technology.

Item no.NameFeature
1.Panasonic wes9013pc electric razor replacement inner blade and outer foilCompatible with Panasonic ARC4 shavers: ES8243AA.Micro-thin foils and ultra-sharp blades easily cut the shortest and thinnest hair. Hypoallergenic stainless steel prevents skin irritation. Swiftly fits on your Panasonic arc shaver.
Panasonic Shaver replacement WES9032PCompatible with ARC5 shavers ES-LV97-K, ES-LV67-K, ES-LV95-S, ES-LV65-SHigh-quality blades30-degree cutting edge provides a close shave on tough areasEasy fit

Ketofa replacement blades

RQ11 replacement blades are the product of Ketofa. With over 25 items available for sale, each priced at an average of $48.85, including arts and crafts, patio, garden tools, and home improvement products. Ketofa offers quality solutions and value to its customers. All purchases are shipped swiftly from the seller’s location.

Item no.NameFeature
1.RQ11 replacement bladesCompatible with all RQ series shavers
For wet and dry shaving heads.
Easy to install
Less pricey RQ11 series

Replacement for Braun electric shavers

Braun shavers are one of the top foil shavers with a long battery life. They are designed to provide a close and gentle shave. These razor blades are best for both dry and wet shaving experiences.

Item no.NameFeature
1.Braun Series 7 70S Electric Shaver Head ReplacementWorld best foil shavers
Compatible with Series 7 (720, 760, 790, 799, and 797)
Value for money
Easy fitting
2.Braun 70s Series 7 PulsonicCompatible with Pulsonic & Series 7 shavers
Best for dry shavers
Comfortable and flexible shaving
Fits easily and perfectly with the compatibles series

Top Queries about the Life expectancy of different electric razors

Shavers, like any tool, has a lifespan. They have lithium-ion batteries with a lifespan of 5-7 years, depending on the model and quality. A full battery cycle will offer around five shaves before recharging; high-end models may extend this up to 10 years or more.

For most users, the battery will begin to decliner after about 8 years and must be replaced. On the other hand, the foils and blades get dull after a year or two, and replacing them can return your shaver to its peak performance. Changing your shaver’s blades after a year or 18 months is recommended.

How long do Braun electric razors last?

Braun is a well-known brand in men’s grooming products and guarantees a close and comfortable shave. The Braun shaver batteries are made from lithium-ion and can live up to 7 years or longer if regular cleaning and maintenance are done.

How long do Braun shaver heads last?

With regular use, the head will wear out over time, which could lead to an overall decline in the shave quality. Braun recommends changing your shaver’s foil & cutter block every 18 months, as they are designed to cut approximately 6 million hairs during this period efficiently.

How long do Philips shaver heads last

Philips shavers are known for their durability, making them a wise choice for many users. As with any product, replacement parts might be necessary over time. How soon they need to be replaced will depend on how often you use your shaver; Philips replacement heads have an estimated 6–18 months lifespan.

How long do 70 $ electric razors last?

You can have a good quality electric razor for under $70. All high-end brands like Braun, Remington, Philips, and Wahl offer better quality at the mentioned price tag. They all have a life span of 5 to 7 years.

Wrap-Up: How long do electric razors last?

The average age of an electric razor is 3 to 5 years. However, the last depends on various factors like quality and usage. If you want a long-lasting electric shaver, choose well-known brands. Cheaper less-known brands couldn’t last a year.

If you take good care of the shaving head of your shavers by following the operating instructions and lubrication routine, you could see use out of it for many years. Unlike disposable razors, an excellent shaver head could last up to 7 years. This article will help you to make an informed decision.

People Also Ask

What is the life expectancy of an electric shaver?

Electric shavers with lithium-ion batteries go great for 5-7 years. However, it also depends on the model and quality of the shaver. A better quality shaver can extend the lifespan up to 10 years.

Do electric razors stop working?

Like any other electrical appliance, your electric razor may periodically or permanently stop working for different reasons. 

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