July 10, 2023

How To Properly Store Cologne in 2023

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Cologne has the power to make a great first impression on people you’ve never met before. Your fragrance can be felt from afar and lingers in the atmosphere even when you leave the room! This could be something majestic about you that others may notice. 

However, more than buying expensive fragrances, they are required to store them ideally, which is vital in maintaining the fragrance sillage (see-yazh) and lasting.

So, how to properly store cologne?


Fortunately, perfume has no expiry date; hence, you can optimize cologne’s shelf life by storing it in the best places and in the best ways. And enjoy your favourite scents for many years.

If you are a CognoScenti like me. Then you spend much time looking for the best place to store perfumes appropriately. This article might be a lifesaver for you in this regard. I will sort out your top concerns about where to store perfumes and tell you the best way to store perfumes to preserve their original fragrance and sillage.

Do Fragrances expire?

There’s generally no expiration date printed on colognes, but they may last around three to ten years when properly cared for. Your perfume may go off fast if not stored correctly. The volatility of your fragrance depends on the specific chemical bonds used and how it’s stored and handled.

However, citrus, aromatic, and floral top notes maintain a more fragile scent profile than woody, spicy, or balsamic notes. Therefore, the former grouping of scents should be stored under more temperate conditions, including moisture, air, temperatures, and humidity.

So, how to store fragrances? It is better to store all sorts of fragrance bottles in a cool, dry, and dark place. So the potency and sillage of the original bottle of your cologne stay longer.

Now let’s spill the beans on How To Store Cologne Properly.

How to properly store cologne?

“Perfumes are the key to our memories.” You must adhere to specific guidelines on storing your perfume so that the scents remain fresh for years. The best way to store your perfumes is to keep them in a cool, dark room in a dry place away from direct sunlight.

Tips on storing colognes properly

  • Always keep your perfume bottles out of direct heat, light, excess air, and extreme temperatures.
  • Select a proper place to protect the fragrance from oxidation.
  • Keep your colognes in the drawer of your dresser, a dark cupboard, or sealed storage containers.
  • Securely seal the bottle caps after use.
  • Do not aggressively shake your perfume bottle.
  • Don’t store your perfume in the bathroom. Excessive humidity in the bathroom can cause the scent to break down, making it go off fast.
  • Do not store fragile bottles of scents on a high shelf or dresser.
  • Avoid storing scents in cheap plastic bottles. Use travel-friendly bottles, dark or opaque bottles instead.
  • When storing your cologne in hot weather, putting it in the fridge is a good idea. This helps maintain a constant temperature, which is ideal for keeping your scent fresh and long-lasting.

Follow the tips to enjoy the lasting of your scents longer. 

Where to store cologne: Best place to store perfume

The last of your cologne is dangling on several elements like the type of notes (Citrus, woody, floral, aromatic, fruity, etc.), chemical composition, what type of scent it is (Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette, for instance).

Additionally, one’s skin chemistry can affect a perfume’s longevity. And most importantly, where you store your perfume bottles. The more you pay attention to its storage, the longer it will last and pay you off.

With this in mind, let’s know the best place to keep your scents so they will stay fresh longer.

1. Keep them in a dry and dark place

Perfumes may look fancy on the tabletop of your dresser and your bathroom shelves, but these are the worst places for fragrances as direct sunlight or excessive air may break down the chemical composition that holds fragrance.

One comfortable way to store perfume bottles is to keep them in a dry room and dark places like the drawer of your dressing table or hallway closet. This protects the rare ingredients of fragrance from oxidation and exposure to light and heat, which can cause the scent to fade.

2. Keep your perfume in the original box and original perfume bottles.

Opening the box each time you use your fragrance may sound tedious and unnecessary, but it’s essential for preserving the original scent. Expensive cologne boxes are designed to store aromatic elixir. Proper storage helps control volatility, allowing you to enjoy your favourite scent whenever you please. Or you can use an empty bottle or travel container, pour a small amount of perfume and use it during travel.

3. Keep them at a consistent room temperature.

Essential oil blends and fragrance oils of natural ingredients need a constant temperature to stay fresh and stable. Keeping perfume at a controlled, consistent temperature is the most effective way to prevent oxidation or chemical deterioration in most perfumes.

One way to do so is to store them in a fridge and wine chiller at a constant temperature. If exposed to hot and humid climates, fragrance oils within the scents may start to separate, resulting in clumping and an excessively thick texture. Moreover, signs of severe degradation suggest that alcohol and moisture have evaporated from your bottle, leaving behind only colourful water.

Best way to store perfumes

Have you ever been in a situation where you spray a few puffs of your beloved scent, and in a couple of seconds, you feel that the fragrance is not the same as it used to be, or even the colour of the juice itself has turned pale?

If yes, the most probable reason could be that you have not stored your perfume correctly. Below is a list of the most common places where you are likely to keep your favourite perfumes so that you can quickly get hold of them whenever you like without getting them to turn bad.


How to store perfume in a cool place?

Preserving perfume can be quite a challenge as warmer temperatures are known to cause scent molecules to evaporate. That’s why keeping your perfume bottle in the refrigerator would be excellent on hot summer days.

Does keeping perfume in the fridge make it last longer? Storing fragrances in a refrigerator helps extend their shelf life, especially during the warmer summer when sunlight, radiator heat, air exposure, and temperature changes can damage and break down scents more quickly. Refrigeration for your fragrances is a surefire way of ensuring they will last for years.

How to store cologne in car?

You know that extreme temperatures and excessive humidity may ruin your fragrances. So, how do you store cologne for travel? Let me tell you that your fragrance bottle is saved in your car’s dashboard cubby, considering you travel on chilly spring or fall days.

However, the cold weather and hot blazing summers are extreme conditions that could harm the scents. And surely you should try your best to avoid leaving your expensive perfume bottle in the fluctuating temperatures of the car.

Therefore, if you love having a fragrance close by at all times in the car or somewhere else. Yet want to avoid bringing an oversized perfume bottle everywhere you go, Amazon and Ikea have got you covered. You can buy small decant bottles ranging from 2.5 ml to 60 ml from there. These are perfect for touch-ups and easily fit into a purse or travel bag. Plus, they’re super easy to make!

How to store cologne in bathroom?

Keeping your perfume bottles or even eau de toilette straight on the bathroom shelf is optional. However, you can store them in the corner wood cabinets and mirror wall cabinets away from steam and moisture when the shower turns. Moreover, it is important to keep the cap on and seal the bottle when you’re not using it.

Where to store perfume in bedroom?

Many people store perfume in their original boxes and put it in a dark corner of their closet. Further, keeping the scent fresh and long-lasting in the drawer of your dresser is also the best way to keep it. It may be inconvenient to get them out every time you want to wear the scent, but it will optimize your cologne shelf life.

How to store perfume in hot weather?

It is generally stated that perfumes lose their potency in hot or cold weather. Preserving perfume fresh can be quite a challenge as warmer temperatures are known to cause scent molecules to evaporate. If you want to maintain your scent lasting, keep them away from direct sun, heat, and moisture.

As direct heat can melt plastic bottles, putting cologne in the fridge and a wine chiller might be the best way to prevent the scent from worsening in hot weather. Ensure your perfumes are fully closed with the lid on and in their original bottles and boxes while keeping them in the refrigerator.

Perfume storage ideas

If you own tons of perfume, organizing them is another daunting task. Here I’ll give you some beautiful ideas to show off your perfume collection without compromising its lasting and fantastic smell.

Cologne organizer shelf


Investing in an organizer is always a good idea to avoid high shelves. An acrylic perfume display stand, metal trays with high edges, rotating shelves, and wooden baskets are your best bet to put your fragrance bottles in safely. Please make sure that you are keeping the organizers in a stable environment away from excessive heat and direct sunlight.

How to store perfume on a dresser

Putting your fancy perfume bottles on the dresser top will look majestic, but it would be bad for the last of your cologne. Therefore, try to buy dark or opaque organizers to set perfume bottles inside. You can also DIY beautiful decorative boxes for the perfume bottle and display them on the dresser.

Men’s cologne storage

Men are fond of scents more than women and equally want to display their sensual journey. Men’s fragrances, mainly made of citrus notes, can soon turn bad and go off.

Well-organized storage can optimize your perfumes to last for years. You can organize your favorite daily wear fragrances in a rotating organizer uprightly with sealed caps on your dresser out of sunlight and heat.

And keep the rest of your collection in its original cologne storage box on the shelf of your cupboard or drawer. This way, you can shuffle the fragrances on your preferences monthly, quarterly, or yearly and keep them safe.

Conclusion: Storing perfume bottle

Storing starts right after the first spritz when you open the brand-new fragrances for the first time to wear. Be mindful that the bottle is sealed, and you put the lid on after each use. Try to keep your perfume in its original bottles and boxes.

Always keep your perfume or essential oil blend bottle away from light, as sunlight can shorten its lifespan. Be careful when choosing a storage spot for your perfume, as inconsistent temperature, humidity, and excessive air can break down the fragrance and alter the scent.

Experts suggest storing perfume in a dark, cool place to maintain strength. The above details will help you to enjoy your fragrances for decades. May you always smell divine.

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