June 15, 2023

Why Is My Face So Oily When I Wake Up-7 Best Solutions

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Do you also wake up feeling as if all the oil in the world has found refuge on your face? Waking up with an oily face is a skin issue that many people with oily skin struggle with. Our body tends to release oil to keep the skin naturally hydrated. However, people with oily skin get excess oil production.

People with such a skin type often find their entire face or some parts of skin super oily such as the nose or T-zone. This presence of excessively oily skin causes clogged pores and skin breakouts. So, are you interested to know why is my face so oily when I wake up? Let’s read further about it.

What causes oilier skin? Understanding oily skin conditions!

Waking up with a greasy face is a natural process in which the body helps the skin fight dehydration during sleep. So, why is my skin oily when I wake up? 


The skin is made of pores; under every pore, except hands, palms, and feet soles, there is a specialized sebaceous gland. These glands produce an oily substance called sebum that is excreted through the pores close to the hair follicles on the skin.

The process happens all over the body, but the sebaceous glands in the face and scalp have a much greater concentration than the rest. Sebum secretion forms a layer of oil on the skin’s upper surface, otherwise known as the epidermis. 

So, Is it good to wake up with oily skin? It depends. If the oil build-up on the skin is causing acne breakouts, giving you a hard time applying makeup, and giving you a greasy look, then you should try to control it.

Why is my face so oily when I wake up?

Sebum comprises fat molecules, including triglyceride, cholesterol, squalene, and wax ester. The basic purpose of oily substances on the skin is to keep the skin moisturized, maintain elasticity, and prevent water loss from the body. The entire process naturally delivers a healthy face and hydrated skin.

So, should you not be annoyed if you wake up with an oily face? It is natural to be irritated if you wake up with an oil-drenched face. Many problems attached to having oily skin can be tackled with a well-structured skincare routine.

Oily Nose – A common problem area!

Whether it is girls or guys, the nose is the common area that is most affected by oil production.

Why do I wake up with oily nose? 

It happens with people having a combination skin type. In such a case, the sebaceous glands under the nose produce more sebum than the rest of the face.

Waking up with oily skin- 8 Things You Should Know

Ever thought, why does my face get oily when I sleep? Or, why is my nose so oily when I wake up? Let us explain.

Hyperactive Sebaceous Glands

As you sleep, your body begins to lose water due to a lack of activity. This stimulates the sebaceous glands to produce sebum excessively in one drive. The sebum overproduction on the skin means more oil on the face.

Compared to daytime, the oil produced at night is relatively thicker, which leaves a troublesome film on the skin often observed in the mornings.

Sebaceous hyperplasia

It is a skin condition in which the sebaceous glands become enlarged and thus produce more sebum. Coupled with sun exposure and oil trapped under the skin, people, primarily teenagers, become victims of this condition.

Problematic Skincare Routine

Following a skincare regime to take the best care of your skin is a good sign. However, are you using healthy skincare products? Aggressive products with high concentrations of alcohol strip the skin’s natural oil, leaving it dry with less moisture.

This dryness triggers the sebaceous glands to produce sebum to cover the loss, thus leaving extra oil on the skin. Using skincare products that are not suitable for your skin type is also one of the reasons why my face is oily after skincare in the morning.


You follow a healthy skincare routine yet wonder why do I wake up with an oily nose? it is probably due to genetics. It means having oily skin runs in the family. The only resort in such a case is to follow a healthy skincare routine.

Climatic Conditions

People in hot and humid regions are likelier to suffer from oily skin concerns. The humidity present in the environment forces the sebaceous glands to produce excessive oil. Thinking Why does my face get so oily throughout the day? It may be due to the climatic conditions you live in.

Sweat glands

Sweat glands are another factor responsible for oily facial skin in the morning—a type of sweat gland, Eccrine glands, secret sweats on the skin. When mixed with sebum, the sweat turns into extra lipids and fats, further increasing oil production on the skin and making you wonder why you wake up with an oily face. Sweat glands could be a reason.

Pore blockage

Pore blockages are yet another reason for oily facial skin when you wake up in the morning. Going to bed with makeup products on the face, the formation of dust particles on the face due to toxic air quality, etc., causes pore blockages. The clogged pores trap the serum within, which causes oil build-up and makes the face oily.

8 Other reasons for excessively oily skin

Multiple other factors, such as poor stress management, poor food intake, use of substandard makeup products, dehydration, etc., cause too much sebum on the face, making it look excessively oily.

So, have you found the answer to why your face looks so oily in the morning? Now, let’s explore some tested solutions to prevent oily skin, especially facial skin.


Oily Skin – A Nightmare for Makeup Addicts

Do you love to wear makeup throughout the day, but frequent oil formation on your face makes it tough? Do you also question how to stop oily face during the day with makeup? Let’s dig into it.

A significant problem most beauticians need help with is ensuring their makeup lasts throughout the day. Applying layers of makeup products to your face oxidises the skin, resulting in more sebum production. The trick is to invest in quality oil-free products that don’t allow it to oxidize on the skin, don’t clog pores, or make a face drenched in sweat after a while.

How to prevent oily face for guys naturally -7 Solutions that Work!

Moisturize Regularly

It is a common mistake to avoid moisturizing the skin, thinking it will add more oil production. Do you also have oily skin? Should you moisturize at night? Moisturizing your face with a good moisturizer helps the epidermis retain hydration. Here are some moisturizing tips that work like magic.

  • Moisturize at night to provide ample time to absorb all the moisturizer and keep the skin plump. It also prevents the sebaceous glands from hyperactivity to excess sebum.
  • Pick a suitable moisturizer according to your skin type.
  • Hyaluronic acid is the best ingredient for oily skin types to cover moisture loss.
  • Vitamin E is also considered a good hydrating ingredient for the skin.

Drink plenty of water.

Dehydration is one of the main reasons why your body produces more oil to cover the loss.

  • Retain the body’s hydration by drinking plenty of water throughout the day
  • Drink at least two litres of water a day (except for those with medical conditions) to keep the skin moisturized and remove toxins and cellular debris.
  • Avoid going out under the sun during hot days as the body loses more moisturizer in sweat.
  • Keep a water bottle with you wherever you go.

Avoid overwashing

Overwashing the face leaves it dry and irritated. As mentioned above, dry skin triggers glands to produce more sebum than required. The same goes for aggressive exfoliation, as it strips the skin of natural oil and damages the skin’s elasticity.

Wash your face only once or twice a day and apply moisturizer evenly to prevent dehydration.

Eat Healthy

A healthy diet ensures healthy skin. To eat healthy food;

  • Avoid overly sweetened food, fried foods, and refined carbohydrates.
  • Consumer natural foods are the main source of essential vitamins, minerals, proteins.
  • Feature fruits, vegetables, eggs, etc., in your daily intake
  • Increase the intake of water-rich fruits and vegetables.
  • Drink water supplements like aloe vera water and coconut water to get oil-free, glowing skin.

Follow Skincare Routine

If you are thinking about how to avoid waking up with oily face? Follow a good skincare routine. A good skincare routine is tailored according to skin types and features of quality products.

  • Cleanse your face once or twice with a mild moisturizing cleaner. Cleansing regularly removes dust stuck deep in oil glans.
  • Know your skin type and use products accordingly.
  • Use a skin toner such as witch hazel in your daily routine to prevent excess oil formation and sweat formation.
  • Incorporate new products gradually into skincare to gauge their results on oily skin to prevent breakouts.
  • Change pillowcases at least once a week to ensure hygiene.
  • Instead of hot water, wash your face with cold or lukewarm water.
  • Opt for soft cloth pads for cleansing instead of makeup wipes.

Avoid stress

Stress also triggers oil glands to lose more oil than required. Having sleepless nights, overthinking your problems, and not taking help on time encourage stress to take a toll on your body. Meditate regularly to keep stress at bay, and don’t hesitate to seek professional help if nothing else helps.

Try Homemade remedies

Homemade facemasks made with safe, natural ingredients are safe to use instead of applying dozens of chemicals on your face. Here is a recipe for our favourite face mask:

  • Take 3 tbsp of gram flour.
  • Add 1 tbsp of turmeric powder.
  • Add 1/2 tbsp of honey.
  • Mix well and apply on the face.
  • Leave to dry and rinse with water.

You can apply this face mask once a week and continue if you feel all the difference to your oily skin.

Consult a dermatologist

If the excess oil on your face is causing severe acne breakouts and scars, it is never too late to seek professional help. A dermatologist would ideally prescribe you treatment according to your oily skin condition.

Bottomline: Why is my skin oily when I wake up?

Having oily skin is normal and can be handled with caution and a better skincare regime. So, are you ready to change your lifestyle and enjoy healthy skin? Let us know!

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