June 12, 2023

How long does beard dye last?

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Are you concerned about those grey hair popping out from your beard.? And you want to embrace a dye that will compliment your personality. However, you are afraid of ‘How long does beard dye last?’ Or you welcome the wisdom (grey hair) because it is difficult to dye your beard or eyebrows now and then. Let’s dive into and explore the importance of choosing the best beard dye for you.


How long does beard colouring last?

The answer to how long a men’s beard dyes varies. It depends on many factors that must be assessed while dying your beard.

Factors to consider: how long does beard dye last?

It would help to consider these crucial factors to maintain a long-lasting colour.

  • First and foremost is your hair colour quality. Good quality dye tends to stay long.
  • The type of dye you are using, like permanent or non-permanent.
  • How often do you wash your beard?
  • How long does it take to leave hair dye on the beard?
  • Your natural beard colour, porosity, thickness, and texture of beard hair.
  • The percentage of grey hairs
  • Your lifestyle and climate where you live.

Types of beard dyes and their lasting

The longevity of the beard dyes majorly depends on the types of colouring you use. The beard dyes can be classified into permanent and temporary dyes.

Permanent beard dyes

These dyes will stay on your beard until you shave off or dye it with another shade. It contains ammonia and must be used with a developer to open the hair’s cuticle layer. The higher the concentration of the hydrogen peroxide in the developer, the more lightening power it has, thus more damaging to the hair follicles.

Non-permanent beard dye

Semi-permanent dye 

Works as a temporary beard dye and is also referred to as a toner, stain, or gloss. This colour is usually applied to the hair and is not intended to be permanent. It will cover the hair follicle in the desired shade for 4 to 5 weeks. Semi-permanent dyes are suitable for sensitive skin as they do not have harsh chemicals like ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.

Demi-permanent dye

It is an ammonia-free formulation with a developer. Thus It is less damaging to hair than permanent colors. These dyes are less effective in removing natural hair colouring. As a result, they can’t colour hair to a lighter shade than its original colour.

Demi-permanent dye shades last longer than semi-permanent dyes and can stay on hair for up to 6 weeks. They are better at covering grey hair than semi-permanents but less effective than permanent dyes.

Temporary Beard dyes

Most beard dyes contain harsh chemicals causing beard hair damage. However, temporary beard colouring stains your grey hairs without penetrating the hair shaft.

Washable beard color

These are temporary cosmetic beard colours and use no chemicals that would cause itching or irritation to the skin. These colours come as wand applicators or correcting markers. You can tint your beard in just five minutes by swiping the wand. They suit men’s mustache, brows, and root touch-ups.

It’s an instant colour, so no wash and cleaning up is needed afterwards. Temporary beard colouring could last only a day or up to 8-12 hours. They suit sensitive skin and work best for dyeing brows, men’s mustaches, and root touch-ups.

Temporary Beard Color Spray

Spray dye will be your best bet to achieve a natural colour dye without harsh chemicals. It will add volume to the thin beards and give a full beard appearance. The spray formula is ready to use without mixing and covers grey hair instantly for up to 48 hours.

Natural beard dye

You can also make natural beard dye at home using coffee, black tea, sesame seed, or henna. They will naturally darken your facial hair. However, they all wash out beard colour and fade after a few washes.

Tips to improve the lasting of beard dyes

To achieve a lasting result, colour your beard with good quality, specially made for beard dyes. Always read the product’s description and follow the instructions religiously. Moreover, follow these tips to get lasting shade.

  • It’s best not to wash or condition your facial hair before dye application. This allows the dye to absorb better, making the colour last longer.
  • Certain areas of your facial hair need more attention than others. Applying more beard colour will help to strengthen these areas and provide longer-lasting coverage that can withstand more rubbing and scrubbing.
  • When washing your beard, avoid using bar soap. It can strip away the colour. Instead, invest in a special dye beard shampoo or sulphate-free shampoo. They will lock the colour underneath and give your beard dyes a long life.
  • Protect your beard from excessive exposure to the sun, wind, and chlorine.
  • Do not over-apply dye, as it can damage your hair and shafts. You can touch your roots when you see grey hair growing out with the help of cotton swabs or use washout beard color wands or correctors.
  • Dyeing your beard with natural beard dye keeps your facial skin safe and gives you a salt-and-pepper beard that could last for several weeks.

JUST FOR MEN beard dye

Just for Men is a famous American-based men’s hair care products brand. It is like your average semi-permanent hair colour, but it is designed to cover men’s grey hairs specifically. It comes in various shades, from blond to jet black, so that you can find the perfect colour.

The product line ranges from easy comb-in colour, shampoo colour, men’s mustache, and beard dye to one-day beard and brow colour. The dye comes with a kit with everything you need to dye your hair, including the shade, a brush, and gloves.


How long does JUST FOR MEN’s beard dye last

The lasting is based on the formulation. However, most of their dyes stay up to 6-8 weeks until your glitters return. If you are looking for a permanent solution, Just for Men shampoo and conditioner can help your dyed beard’s colour last longer. Over time, the colour will fade, but it won’t look like you never dyed your beard if you use these products.

Bigen beard dye

Bigen is the top hair care brand based in Japan. Its hair products include permanent and semi-permanent hair color, hair care products, and hair-dying tools.

How long does Bigen last

Bigen men’s colours apply to both your hair and beard. It provides excellent grey coverage without leaving any stain on the skin. The beard shades range from darker brown, medium brown, jet black, and natural black.

Bigen claims to give full gray hair coverage and lasts for 1 month or up to 20 washes depending on the hair’s thickness and your lifestyle.

Top queries regarding the lasting of beard dyes

Let’s examine a few of your questions about beard dye and how long it lasts. And other related issues.

Tinting brow with beard dye

Always start with a clear surface. Take a thin brush. Apply beard dye lightly, and dab it on your brows. Avoid skin and dab on the brow’s hair only, ensuring you cover all.

When you’re dying your eyebrows, using an ash colour beard dye is best because colours tend to look warmer on eyebrows. Remember to use a thin mascara brush or q-tip.

How long does beard dye last on eyebrows?

Beard dyes can be used to tint brows, and if done correctly, the results can last between 3-8 weeks. The last also depends on the shade, cleansing products, and skin type.

Does beard dye stain skin?

Yes, a few permanent beard colour stains on the skin. Men use darker shades to tint their beards so that the mark may stay on the skin.

Suppose you want to avoid colour stains on your skin. It is recommended to streak the skin along the hairline and put petroleum jelly as a barrier on your cheeks and ears to avoid stains. Wear gloves and wash the stain immediately if you see any.

How long does beard dye last on the skin?

Your skin constantly renews itself, so any surface stains will eventually fade as new cells replace the old ones. Most pigments only sit on the skin’s surface and will go away within a few days.

However, some inks and stains of natural dye, like coffee or henna, etc, can be more resistant to washing and removal. However, they’re not permanent because of how the skin naturally regenerates.

However, If you wonder how long to leave hair dye on a beard? As a general guideline, most hair dyes for beards require a processing time of 5 to 15 minutes. Still, it’s essential to refer to the instructions provided with the product for accurate timing.


Only permanent dye will last on your beard long until new grey hair grows back. Semi-permanent and demi-permanent beard dyes are temporary solutions for altering your natural beard colour. They will stay for several weeks.

The number of washes before the colour fades depends on the shade, formulation, and products. The brighter colours tend to fade quickly, especially when exposed to sunlight. However, the tint will be visible on thin hair for years.

Blacks, browns, medium brown, light-medium brown, and other deep shades will usually stay longer, even with sun exposure. An auburn may lose its reddish tint and fade to brown or medium dark brown, but the colour will remain.

People Also Ask

Can I dye my beard every week?

Permanent hair dye can damage your hair if you use it too often or leave it on too long. Semi-permanent hair dye is ammonia-free and contains less harsh chemicals; thus, you can use it weekly. A beard grows about 3 mm weekly. Therefore, you can do root touchups. But applying dye on your entire beard every week could damage your hair.

Can I use beard dye on my eyebrows?

If you have sensitive skin, it is best to avoid this activity. Even if your skin isn’t sensitive, you must be careful not to get any color in your eyes. If it starts to burn or become painful, wash it out immediately.

There are dyes designed especially for tinting eyebrows and eyelashes. They won’t last forever, usually only 3 to 6 weeks, but they are much safer to use as they fade over time.

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