April 3, 2023

How Often Can You Dye Your Beard?

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The grey hair in your beard is the biggest telltale of your passing age and the amount of effort you spend on your appearance. Even these days, many youngsters also endure this issue, forcing them to raise this pertinent question: i.e. How often can you dye your beard

Colouring or using a beard dye is a trend that has been in for centuries. Some opt to use chemical-based colours, some pick a temporary beard colour, while others prefer beard dyes with natural ingredients to colour darker beards. 


In a quest to appear ahead of time, men prefer to rely excessively on using permanent or temporary beard dye. However, it is important to know how frequently you can use beard dyes to get a dark beard. In this article, we have gathered the most frequently asked questions regarding beard dye and tried to answer how often you should dye your beard with reason and clarity. So, are you ready to gain some knowledge? Let’s dig

How often can you dye your beard?

Ideally, one should wait at least 2 weeks before starting the application colour process. The hair dyes tend to fade away and start showing the scalp after some days. The same happens with beard colours. No matter how expensive hair colour you have applied, it eventually fades away with time, and you are back to the natural colour.

So, it is safe to wait a month for another dye job, but if the grey beard hair is visible, you could apply hair colour after two weeks of the previous application. 

For how to dye a beard lightly? Don’t let the hair tint sit on the beard long. Pick a comb and check the colour. Cleanse with fresh water as soon as you have achieved your desired beard colour.


How to dye a very short beard?

Men with stubble often struggle with applying dye to beards neatly. They often search for valid suggestions to their repeated question, i.e. How to dye a very short beard? Let us share how.

  • Gently cleanse your face, and pat dry the beard with a clean towel.
  • Wear an old shirt or wrap a towel around the shoulder to avoid a stain on the skin.
  • Pick the right colour suitable to your beard to hide grey hair. You can also go for a slightly lighter shade than the original beard colour.
  • Apply the dye using the given applicator or brush in a downward motion. Make sure to include the patchy and faded areas in the beard, moustache, and sideburns first to let the dye last longer.
  • Do not put pressure on the applicator to avoid the colour spreading from the beard. Keep the dye application limited to the stubble.
  • After finishing the application process, wait till it is time to rinse the dyed parts with cold water.
  • Tip: Do not rub your eyes with a dye on your hands.

Dyeing a short beard requires precision and neatness. Make sure to gently blend the mixture on the stubble, and keep a steady hand to avoid stains.

How to dye your beard white?

If dyeing a beard white for just an occasion, it is better to get a temporary dye, but if you want to achieve long-term effects, go for a permanent white beard dye. Read the directions given on the box to colour the beard. However, if you want to turn the black or dark brown beard colour to white, bleaching should be done first.

  • Wash your face thoroughly, wear an old shirt or cover your shoulders with a towel to avoid stains.
  • Apply Vaseline around the outside of the beard line to avoid staining
  • Wear good-quality gloves
  • Apply the bleach (if required) to the whiskers, and follow the instructions given on the box.
  • After bleaching is done, apply the dye to the facial hair dyes. Mixing required.
  • Wait till it is time to rinse.
  • Wash with water and rinse it well. 
  • For sensitive skin, avoid using bleach to avoid allergic reactions and permanent damage to the skin. If you are unsure how your skin will react, do a quick patch test of the beard colour. Also, remember to wear rubber gloves while working on the beards.

How do you improve the quality of beard dye?

To improve your beard’s quality, investing in a good beard shampoo and beard colour is important to protect colour-treated hair. Look for shampoos that are enriched in natural conditioning ingredients.

Moreover, invest in good beard dyes to maintain the look of your natural beard. If you need to attend an occasion, get a temporary beard colour. Invest in top brands of permanent dyes to cover the salt and pepper look. Choosing the right shade is equally important. If your natural hair colour is black, then opt for a dark brown and black beard dye. While dyeing, cover all the grey hairs hiding in the moustache and the rest of the facial hair.

Investing in other products, such as bear oil, oil balms, brush, etc., improves the texture of beard hairs.

How to temporarily dye your beard?

Instead of staining the beard or skin with colour like regular dyes, the temporary dye surrounds the beard completely with colour to make it look fuller. Unlike permanent beard dye, the temporary dye only takes minutes to apply and fades after a few hours. You can expect some top-branded temporary dyes to last well for up to 48 hours.

The major reason why most men opt for temporary beard colouring is also that it is easy and safe to play around with a new colour and then get back to the original shade after some time. 

Can I dye my beard twice in one day?

The answer is no, especially if you are using semi-permanent and dyes rich in chemicals. It can cause irritation and damage to the skin and hair. It may also lead your facial hair to strip off its natural oils, which are important to make the hair look healthy and shiny. 

It is safe to apply twice if you are using some natural ingredients for temporary beard colour, such as Henna. However, not all natural dye colours are safe for frequent application. It is better to be safe than sorry!

How long to leave beard dye in?

Usually, the beard dyes take 5-10 minutes to dye hair. However, It is better to read the beard colour box for the exact time. It also depends on the size of the stubble and your target colours. The transition from a darker shade to light and vice versa takes more time than usual. 

How often can you dye your eyebrows with beard dye?

The area around the eyes is sensitive; therefore, you must be cautious. Tint your eyebrows or visible patches at least 4-7 weeks apart. 

Bottomline: Beard dyes

To have a darker and fuller beard is the dream of nearly every bearded man. No matter the length of the stubble or its colour, you need to ensure that you are following health practices to grow beards—no need to go shortcuts or procedures that bring no value to the beard. To dye the colour, ascertain whether you need the change occasionally or for the long term. To cover an occasion, opt for temporary dyes such as beard spray. 

People Also Ask

Is it bad to dye your beard?

No, it is not. All you need to do is invest in good quality products, follow the directions, and provide proper nourishment treatment to make your beard darker and fuller. 

Can I dye my beard every week?

We suggest our followers wait at least two weeks before going for a second application to colour the greys. Frequent dyeing of the beard may cause severe skin damage.

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